Digital Photography

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  1/17/1998 - Corey's 14th Birthday

  1/18/1998 - Kennedy Space Center

My first digital visit to KSC when I worked for Columbia/HCA.
  3/21/1998 - Tunica

Fran and I took a trip to Tunica for our 16th wedding anniversary.
  3/26/1998 - Percy-Warner Park in Nashville

  4/1/1998 - Bob Bell's last day at Columbia/HCA

I worked with Bob Bell in the Distributed Systems Group for Columbia/HCA. He is a good guy who loves NASCAR. He was moving his family from Franklin to Louisville.
  4/4/1998 - Casey's 11th Birthday

  4/12/1998 - Easter 1998

  4/16/1998 - Tornado damage in Nashville

I was fortunate to have my digital camera with me at the Columbia/HCA data center when the tornado struck the building and moved on into downtown Nashville.
  5/2/1998 - The Hendersonville Playground

I took Casey and Katie to the playground in Hendersonville and took these pictures.
  5/3/1998 - Nashville at Night

Fran and I went downtown one night and I took these pictures.
  5/12/1998 - The Lake

Fran's family met up for Mother's Day in 1998 at their mother's house in Dry Creek, Mississippi
  5/13/1998 - Carillon Park in Dayton, Ohio

I had to travel on business to the Columbus, Ohio data center and I took off after work to visit Carillon Park in Dayton - home to the Wright Brothers 1905 Flyer III.
  5/14/1998 - The US Air Force Museum

I went back to Dayton the next morning to get these pictures from the United States Air Force Museum. These are 320x240 images so I could get as many as I could without dumping the camera to my computer.
  5/19/1998 - Casey's DARE Graduation

  5/19/1998 - Corey's 8th Grade Graduation

Pictures from Rucker-Stewart Middle School
  5/28/1998 - Katie's 10th Birthday

  5/31/1998 - Visit to Forrest Hill Cemetery

Fran's father died 10 years before these pictures were made. We visited his grave.
  6/2/1998 - My trip to St. Augustine

Columbia/HCA had a data center in Jacksonville, FL. When I was down there installing a MedArchive system, I drove down to see St. Augustine.
  6/7/1998 - Ariel's Recital

Ariel's dance recital from 1998.
  6/23/1998 - Our trip to St. Augustine

I went back down to Jacksonville for some work at the data center. Fran flew down with me and we tooled around St. Augustine.
  7/3/1998 - 4th of July in Sikeston

Got together with my best friend, Bob Dwyer, to shoot fireworks for the City of Sikeston.
  7/18/1998 - Casey and Katie at work

I took the girls into the office at Columbia/HCA.
  7/19/1998 - The Grand Canyon

My trip to the Grand Canyon
  7/27/1998 - Gulf Shores

Our tip to Gulf Shores in 1998.
  8/7/1998 - Overton High Class of 1978 Reunion

The 20 year reunion of the 1978 Graduating Class from Overton High School in Memphis
  9/8/1998 - Bob Dwyer and Big Melons

Bob Dwyer came down to Nashville with one of his champion watermelons.
  9/26/1998 - Space Shuttle Atlantis

Atlantis was diverted to Fort Campbell, KY due to weather on a ferry fight from California to KSC. Fortunately, my folks were visiting and we all had a rare chance to see a Space Shuttle.
  10/2/1998 - Dare Parade in Gallatin

  10/18/1998 - The girls at a Gallatin Football Game

  10/21/1998 - Cocoa Beach and Kennedy Space Center

Another trip to the Orlando data center means another trip to KSC for me!
  10/31/1998 - Halloween 1998

  11/21/1998 - Sweetheart's picture of the grandchildren

Fran's mother was called "Sweetheart" by all of her grandchildren. They all met up in Jackson, Tennessee to have a picture taken of them for her Christmas present.
  11/28/1998 - Thanksgiving at Winnton

Thankgiving in Germantown with Mommaw and Pop.
  12/5/1998 - A kid swap at Exit 108

We met my folk at Exit 108 to bring the girls home after spending the weekend with my parents in Germantown.
  12/19/1998 - Ray Family Christmas

It was held at our house in 1998.
  12/25/1998 - Christmas in Gallatin