Digital Photography

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  1/2/1999 - Electric Light Orchestra Part II

ELO Part II played The Gold Strike Casino in Tunica. Great concert! Here are the pictures.
  2/2/1999 - Texas

Pictures from Columbia/HCA's data centers in Fort Worth and San Antonio. And of the surrounding area.
  3/7/1999 - Kennedy Space Center

The last trip to Columbia/HCA's Orlando data center put me square in the middle of Holy Land - the Kennedy Space Center.
  3/12/1999 - My trip to Alaska

In March of 1999, I traveled to Anchorage, Alaska for my employer so I could update some computers. I stayed a few extra days to take in the scenery.
  4/8/1999 - Phoenix, Arizona

My last trip to the Columbia/HCA data center in Phoenix.
  5/1/1999 - Hot Springs

Fran and I took a few days to visit Hot Springs, Arkansas.
  5/8/1999 - Ann Marie's Pinning Ceremony

Ann Marie graduates from Nursing School and gets 'Pinned'
  8/28/1999 - A visit with Bill Carson

Bill Carson grew a world record watermelon in 1990 and it's through my friend, Bob Dwyer, that I came to know him. He also invented the Stratocaster guitar with Leo Fender. These are pictures from a visit in 1999.
  10/26/1999 - TDOT IT office in 1999

Pictures taken of the TDOT IT offices and cubicals as they were in 1999 when I first arrived at the division.
  11/14/1999 - Pop's and Fran's Birthdays

My father and Fran celebrated birthdays 11 days apart.
  12/19/1999 - Ray Family Christmas

Ray Family Christmas
  12/25/1999 - Christmas at Lori Lee Drive

Pictures from our Christmas in 1999 at home.