Digital Photography

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  7/3/2004 - How to fix a Compaq Presario

What do you do when your Presario just will not run quite right...
  8/31/2004 - Camping at Cages Bend Campground

I take the Coleman Colorado for a shakedown cruise at Cages Bend Campground, just three miles from the house.
  9/7/2004 - Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

I get to see old 4501 and ride in the cab of a diesel.
  9/22/2004 - Dayton, Ohio trip - Day One

I traveled to Dayton to visit the Wright Brothers' historic sites and to see The United States Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Today, I left Gallatin for Dayton, setup camp and visited the Wright Brothers' neighborhood.
  9/23/2004 - Dayton Ohio trip - Day Two

I visited the Aviation Trails Vistor Center and the Wright Cycle Company showroom in the morning. Paid my respects at the Wright family gravesite and finished off the day by having Huffman Prairie all to myself!
  9/24/2004 - Dayton Ohio trip - Day Three

I visited Carillon Park in Dayton, home to the Wright's 1905 Flyer III. Also drove by Orville's mansion in Oakwood and looked at some planes stored outside at the Air Force Museum. (Captions will be added later)
  9/25/2004 - Jerry Lee Lewis Concert

Driving through Cincinnati, I saw a billboard advertising that Killer was coming to a casino in the area on Saturday night. So I call up my old friend, B.B. Cunningham, who is Killer's bass player and...
  9/25/2004 - Dayton Ohio trip - Day Four

I spent all day at the Air Force Museum and made it through the Early Years exhibit. Captions will be added later.
  11/14/2004 - Titans vs. Bears

Pictures from the game - Titans lost 19-17.
  12/24/2004 - Christmas Eve Pictures

Christmas Eve in Gallatin.
  12/25/2004 - Christmas with the Cashes

We visited Joe, Thurman and Louise Cash at the hospital in Memphis.
  12/31/2004 - New Years with the Billings

Here are pictures of Kent and Ann Marie's family at Outback. These pictures were taken with my SCP-5300 cellphone camera, so the quality is pretty low.