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  1/4/2005 - Erin's Scanned Pictures

Pictures scanned for Erin's wedding.
  1/7/2005 - Erin and Phillip's Wedding Pictures

Erin and Phillip's wedding at College Heights Church. Click here for the "Turn Around" video.
  2/7/2005 - Ann Marie's trip to Memphis

Ann Marie, Ariel and Rheanna visited Ann's parents in Memphis over the weekend.
  3/25/2005 - Tunica Casinos

My mother grew up in Robinsonville, Mississippi from the age of two back in 1937. My early memories of the area are of small towns, run-down sharecropper shacks, cotton and soybean fields. Now casinos rise up from the farms - and here are pictures of family places and such in the area.
  4/17/2005 - Katie's Prom Pictures

Katie and her friends Katie Koran, Patricia and Megan go to their prom.
  4/23/2005 - Hendersonville High School Prom

Rhett Billings' pictures of his 2005 prom.
  5/13/2005 - Trip to Baton Rouge

I am in Baton Rouge to attend an AASHTO conference. This album has pictures of my trip - and I will be adding to it until I return Thursday night.
  5/20/2005 - Rhett Billings Graduation

Fran's best friend - Ann Marie - had her son graduate from Hendersonville High School on Friday.
  6/30/2005 - Overton High School ROTC pictures

These are scans of Fran Ray's ROTC pictures taken in 1976 of Memphis Overton High School's ROTC program.
  7/31/2005 - Our trip to Savannah, Georgia

Fran and I pulled the pop-up down to Savannah. We visited both the city of Savannah and Tybee Island.
  9/29/2005 - My trip to Huntsville

Every year I take a trip to a location where no one in my family will appreciate but me. Last year, it was Dayton, Ohio to visit the Wright Brothers' neighborhood and The Air Force Museum. This year, it is Huntsville, Alabama, home of the United States Space and Rocket Museum.
  10/12/2005 - Faye and Stan's Wedding

Faye married Stan and here are the pictures.
  10/16/2005 - My trip to Knoxville

I went to Knoxville to visit with the University of Tennessee on behalf of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Here are pictures from my trip.
  10/24/2005 - The DotNetRocks crew visits Nashville

I like to listen to a podcast titled "DotNetRocks" (about Visual Studio .NET) and the two hosts are on a road trip across America. They made a stop in Nashville.
  10/28/2005 - Rhett Billings' Induction into Phi Theta Kappa

Rhett Billings is inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Society.
  10/30/2005 - My flight with Coplin

I work with Coplin Curtis at TDOT and he invited me on a flight Sunday in a Cessna 152 out of Smyrna.
  11/12/2005 - Tennessee Vols vs. Memphis State University

Fran, Ann Marie, Casey and Megan made the trip to Knoxville to watch the Vols beat the Memphis State Tigers.
  11/25/2005 - Hamburgers at Bells

Fran and I travelled with Ann Marie's family to Henderson to eat hamburgers at the famous Bells Drive-In.
  12/17/2005 - Ray Family Christmas 2005

Fran's family Christmas at Margaret's new house in Lexington.
  12/23/2005 - Herring Family Christmas 2005

The last Herring Christmas at Winnton.
  12/24/2005 - Cashes come over for Christmas

The Cash Clan came over to exchange gifts.
  12/25/2005 - Our family Christmas 2005

Christmas at Lori Lee Drive