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  1/13/2008 - Katie's two baby showers

Katie had two baby showers for Mason thrown this past weekend. Here are the pictures.
  1/27/2008 - Old Polariod Pictures

These are pictures I scanned that were taken by my father between 1966 and 1974 with his Polariod camera.
  2/14/2008 - Robert Mason Hooge

Our first grandchild, Robert Mason Hooge, arrived at 4:41pm on Valentine's Day, weighing in at 10 pounds! Strikingly handsome fellow, don't you think? Both mother and baby are doing great.
  3/23/2008 - Family Pictures

Pictures taken of the families on Easter Sunday
  4/5/2008 - April pictures of Mason

I'll start creating new entries for pictures of Mason. This folder contains all pictures taken in April, 2008
  5/1/2008 - Mason in May

Pictures of Mason taken in May, 2008. Last updated on May 19, 2008.
  5/18/2008 - U.S. Space and Rocket Center

I traveled to Huntsville to visit the new Davidson Space Center which houses the restored Saturn V.
  6/7/2008 - World War II Memorial Air Show

An airshow to commemorate the D-Day landings was held at Lebanon airport (M54) on Saturday, June 7th.
  6/9/2008 - Mason in June

Pictures of Mason taken in June, 2008. Last updated on June 30, 2008.
  7/1/2008 - Mason in July

Pictures of Mason taken in July, 2008. Last updated on September 4, 2008.
  7/12/2008 - Katie, Greg and Mason

Katie and Greg took Mason to the photographer on Saturday.
  7/20/2008 - Beech Bend Park

We all went camping at Beech Bend Park and rode the rides. Mason is a happy camper!
  8/1/2008 - Mason in August

Pictures of Mason taken in August, 2008. Last updated on September 4, 2008.
  8/9/2008 - Johnathan's Graduation

Pictures of Johnathan graduating from Nashville Diesel College.
  8/24/2008 - Katie's Wedding Shower

Family and friends held a wedding shower for Katie and Greg on Sunday.
  9/1/2008 - Mason in September

Pictures of Mason taken in September, 2008. Last updated on September 11, 2008.
  9/7/2008 - Katie's wedding shower

Katie had a wedding shower on Sunday.
  9/11/2008 - Ariel's new ride

Ariel now has a new red Mustang convertible.
  9/20/2008 - Katie's wedding dress

Pictures of Katie in her wedding dress.
  9/27/2008 - Katie's Wedding

Katie and Greg's wedding pictures
  9/27/2008 - Katie and Greg's wedding

Our daughter Katie married Greg Hooge on Saturday, September 27th. Updated September 30, 2008.
  9/29/2008 - Mason visits TDOT

Granddaddy kept Mason on Monday morning and took him and Katie down to visit MeeMaw's and Granddaddy's offices at TDOT.
  9/30/2008 - Katie and Greg growing up

Pictures (in random order) of Katie and Greg from newborns through today.
  10/1/2008 - Mason in October

Pictures of Mason in October. New! Videos are now supported. Updated on October 26th.
  10/7/2008 - Herring family slides

An assortment of slides taken by my father between 1968 and 1976.
  10/13/2008 - Sergeant Alvin C. York homestead

I visited Alvin C. York's home in Pall Mall, Tennessee this past weekend. York was the most decorated American soldier in World War I and won the Congressional Medal of Honor. After the war he became a civic leader and raised ten children. I got to meet one of his son's at York's home.
  10/18/2008 - Aunt Corey and Mason go to the zoo

Corey took Mason along with some of her friends and their kids to the Nashville zoo.
  10/31/2008 - Halloween 2008

The next generation gets started with the tradition (See 10/31/1997 - Halloween). Mason went as "Flounder" from "The Lilttle Mermaid". His cousin Aikman went as "Nemo" and cousin Carter was a forest ranger.
  11/1/2008 - Mason in November

Pictures of Mason in November. Last updated November 23rd.
  11/8/2008 - Tennessee vs. Wyoming

We were Ann Marie's guest at the UT vs. Wyoming game at Neyland Stadium for Fran's birthday present.
  11/11/2008 - The Cashes visit Mason

Fran grew up down the street from Ann Marie and her parents came to Nashville for a visit. They stopped by our house to see Mason.
  11/23/2008 - Germantown

Fran, Corey, Mason and I visited my mother in Germantown. Katie and Greg showed up Saturday from their cruise to Cozumel.
  12/1/2008 - Mason in December

Pictures of Mason in December. Last updated December 14th.
  12/14/2008 - Santa Mason

Katie and Greg took Mason to the studio for some pictures in his Santa outfit.
  12/25/2008 - Christmas 2008

Christmas pictures from the 2008 season.