Digital Photography

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  1/6/2011 - Mason's 3rd Birthday Digital Frame Pictures

Pictures that will be displayed in a digital picture frame during Mason's 3rd birthday party.
  1/15/2011 - Mason's 3rd Birthday Party

We held Mason's third birthday party a month early just in case his little brother Austin decides to arrive on Mason's birthday. Here are the pictures.
  2/12/2011 - Mark Austin Hooge

Our third grandson, Mark Austin Hooge, was born at 12:49am on Saturday, February 12, 2011.
  3/6/2011 - Austin makes his first visit

After two trips to the hospital for RSV, Austin was well enough (and so was everyone else) to come over and visit his grandparents.
  3/14/2011 - Pictures of Greg, Mason and Austin

These are pictures Katie took of Greg, Mason and Austin between February 14th and March 12th.
  3/19/2011 - Mason visits NC&StL #576

Mason and Graggie went out to Centennial Park and we took a look at the NC&StL steam engine #576. Mason was quite impressed with it.
  3/27/2011 - Tucker's trip to Chattanooga

These are pictures of Tucker's trip to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. Also pictures of Mason and Austin.
  3/30/2011 - Greg, Katie, Mason and Austin

Pictures from around the house and of Austin's stay at Sumner Regional Hospital.
  4/15/2011 - Mason and Tucker at Monkey Joe's

Fran and I took Mason and Tucker down to Monkey Joe's in Rivergate to let them jump around on the air jumps and play with the quarter rides and games.
  4/22/2011 - Katie's April pictures

Assorted pictures of Mason, Austin, Katie and Greg. Updated April 25th.
  4/24/2011 - Easter 2011

Pictures from the Easter egg hunt last Sunday and dinner at the house on Easter. Updated April 25th.
  5/24/2011 - Pictures of Roy Ray Sr.

For Fran
  5/25/2011 - Pictures from Corey's camera

Pictures include Easter and The Strothers Pass Band.
  5/27/2011 - Carey and Jason's wedding

Our niece, Carey Carwile, married Jason Hammonds at the Memphis Botanical Gardens. YouTube video will be posted tomorrow.
  6/10/2011 - Nana and Granddaddy

Louise Phillips Cash. April 17, 1925 - June 8, 2011
  6/19/2011 - The Atlanta Braves

Corey took a trip down to Atlanta to take in a Braves game.
  7/29/2011 - Pictures from the Xacti camera

Katie bought a new camera so I now have the Sanyo Xacti camera. Here are some pictures from the camera.
  7/30/2011 - Tucker's Second Birthday Party

Tucker turned two years old and we threw him a round up in the backyard.
  8/7/2011 - Pictures from Casey's camera

A set of pictures between Easter and Tucker's birthday.
  10/16/2011 - Mason and Austin go to Disneyworld

The boys took a trip with Greg's family down to see Mickey Mouse and all of his friends. Video will soon be available on YouTube.
  10/16/2011 - Tucker's Excellent Weekend

Tucker went to the Nashville Zoo on Friday, the Gallatin Airport on Saturday and The Shrine Circus on Sunday. Took more video than pictures so watch for the video on YouTube.
  10/31/2011 - Halloween and Monkey Joe's

Pictures from Halloween and Mason and Tucker's trips to Monkey Joe's. Also pictures of my mother's visit to Aunt Shirley's and Uncle Charles' new place with my Aunt Gene.
  11/30/2011 - A Dog's Life

A member of our family passed away on September 1st of this year. Muttley was much more than a dog, he was a full member of our family. He watched our daughters grow up and become mothers to their own children. Here are all of the pictures, in order, of Muttley.
  12/2/2011 - Trip to see Mommaw

We took the whole family down to Germantown to see my mother for Christmas.
  12/25/2011 - Christmas 2011

Pictures from our Christmas. Updated January 3, 2012.